How you can help


– Tell your family and friends about this special project

– Recruit people who want to honor their own kupuna by memorializing them on a sign.

– Volunteering to help prepare signs: cut boards, tape signs, write names, reference pages

– Volunteering to help us place and remove signs in the ground.

– Donate toward the expenses of transporting our signs.



KLMA members have been preparing Ku’e Petition signs for the last two years. They fulfill requests from families who have kupuna who signed the petition. They also pick names that attract their attention from the Ku’e Petition list of names who signed the document.  Piilani  and Dora repair signs on a scheduled work day.








Ku’e Petition names are written by KLMA members, volunteers and family members. Volunteer Ray holds a completed sign. They are currently in the process of carefully checking and packing them for their special trip to Washington DC.